Bored Fun with New Polishes

Here I just layered my three new Sally Hansen HDs over my China Glaze "Secret Peri-wink-le".

Nothing special, I was just bored.  :)

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My step-sister got me some Sally Hansen HD Nails in Cyber (purple), Lite (yellow), and Pixel Pretty (turquoise).  She really liked the yellow so I decided to paint her nails and she suggested the little bees on her thumbs.  Not my best work but she only kept it on for one day :)

Yeah, she's getting married in three weeks :)

Just something simple, hope you enjoy!

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China Glaze's "Secret Peri-wink-le"

My boyfriend got me three nail polishes for Christmas and two of them are here.  The first is "Secret Peri-wink-le" by China Glaze.

This is a view outside in the drizzle.

I also tried using another polish he got me from Finger Paints called "It's An Original!" and attempted the toothpick marbling method, which I think turned out pretty well!  I only did it on my thumb.  Below are two more views.

I hope you enjoyed these, I had lots of fun doing them.  I started with no base coat, just a clear nail, and put top coat over it.  I like what the top coat did to the polishes.  You can't see it in the photos, but I like how you can see through the polish, where the toothpick went through.

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A Quick Holiday Manicure

In this manicure I used some ideas from Asami's Holiday Mix & Match

Here is my ring finger:

And here is my thumb:

I used Zoya's Irene as a base with two coats, and I'm sure it could have used a third coat:

For the ornaments I used "Fiji" by Sinful Colors (purple), "Respect the World" by Nicole by OPI (turquoise), and "Persiphony" by Zoya (pink).  I used "Veruschka" by Zoya as the strings and "This is It" by Sinful Colors for the little gold accents.

For the gingerbread man I used "Jinx" by Zoya as the body base, "Under 18" by Sinful Colors for the bow, and "Black Out" by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear for the buttons and eyes.

The pictures today aren't as good as usual but I'm traveling around for the holidays so I did what I could.  :) Hope you enjoy this, and check out Asami's Blogspot for more fabulous nail designs!

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A design for my friend, Krystle

My friend Krystle came over here today and I decided to paint her nails.  We used Nicole by OPI's "Respect the World" and some of the goodies given to me by Asami.

Hope you like it!

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Jinx and Irene by Zoya

Just playing around with these, and thought they'd go well together.

I decided to try out these Nailene Perfect Tips with Irene by Zoya, first.

They came out alright..

But a little thin.

This is with a topcoat, but I decided to take these off because I really didn't like the thin tip.

Next I started off with Jinx by Zoya as a base.

I re-used the Nailene Perfect Tips.  Notice the ugly papercut on my ring finger =(

This is with the tip guides off.  They turned out bumpy for a few reasons - Jinx came off on a few nails of my right hand, which I had to re-do.  On these, the tip guides left a little sticky residue on my nails, as well as using the Sally Hansen TC, which leaves bubbles.

I'm mostly happy with these though, I think the color combination is pretty.

I also think that sponging some gold or painting some gold leaves on a few select fingers would be nice with this.  Very fall.  Or I could try the toothpick marbling effect.  All would look pretty.  :)

Hope you enjoyed these looks at Jinx and Irene by Zoya.

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Zara by Zoya

This is by far my favorite color that I've gotten so far!  I was able to put it on pretty smoothly, so that made me happy.  Below is two coats, no TC, in a bunch of different angles so you can see all the color!!

It's a bit sheer, especially around the tips of the nails.  I can sort of see the white of my nails in certain light, but it's not too big of a deal.  I love the gold, it's very apparent, yet the purple has beautiful reds in it as well.

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Persiphony Toe Design

I decided to do my toes tonight and wanted to try a new color I got from Zoya recently- Persiphony!

These are the materials I used!

This is two coats of Zoya's Persiphony, no TC.  This is under a pretty bright light...

This is after playing with my white balance a bit, I think you can see the gold undertones much better here.

After the two coats of Persiphony I decided to use some of these nail stickers that Asami gave me.

I put two little pink flowers in the outside corners of my big toes.

I then decided to use these new brushes to try some designs around the flowers.

This is with one TC and I used Zoya's Veruschka matte for the little designs.  I've never tried designs with the paintbrush, so I think this turned out alright.  I tried to KISS.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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Zoya Green Friday Haul

So I got my Green Friday polishes in!  Because of their huge amount of orders, though, I'm missing Envy and Tangy.  Here's a view of the colors I did get in today:

From left to right: Jinx, Persiphony, Irene, Suvi, Midori, Veruschka, and Zara.

I've never used a matte before, so I decided to try Veruschka first.  It took me about three or four times to get it anywhere near acceptable.  Below is the best I could get, no top coat.  I'm not sure if a topcoat is supposed to be used with a matte, so I didn't for this time.  Is there a special topcoat that you use for mattes?


I can't get the matte smooth...  I don't know what else to do, besides just get more practice applying polish.
  Any suggestions from you polish gurus?

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From Nicole by OPI

This is 'Respect the World' from OPI's Nicole collection, NI 229.

I really love this color and got it in order to attempt Asami's mermaid mani.

I didn't have time to try the mani tonight but thought I would give you all a quick preview of this beautiful color.  Enjoy!

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Zoya's Green Friday

In case you haven't heard, Zoya is doing a promotion for their online site tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 27) called Green Friday.  Buy $20+ and add a certain code to get six of Zoya's green polishes free.  The following polishes are the free ones:  Tangy, Envy, Midori, Suvi, Irene, and Veruschka.

Green is my favorite color, and I don't have any of the colors they're giving away for free, so I'm very excited about this.  The $20 I'm going to spend will go toward the colors Jinx, Meiko, and Zara.

Here is the link to Zoya's blog about their Green Friday Sale:

While talking to Asami, she showed me a link to some swatches on Flickr by MollyHell ( ), whose Blogger is  I really like her swatches, so that's why I mentioned her here.

Enjoy Thanksgiving as well as Black/Green Friday!

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Goodies from Asami!

I got a sweet little note in the mail with lots of fun goodies from Asami!

There are some cute little hearts, flowers, and dots!

Different colored stars!

Blue holograph flakies, like the ones she used on her mermaid design!

Cute nail stickers!

And some cute little sea creature stickers!

Thank you so much for these awesome nail design funsies, Asami!

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Sinful Colors Haul

Here's the "haul" post I promised, though not every color is represented in full here.  These are six colors I got from Walgreens by Sinful Colors.

The first is a purple color called "Fiji", Sinful Colors #119.

Next there's "Tokyo Pearl", Sinful Colors #112.

As we saw in the previous post, I put some blue tips on top of the "Tokyo Pearl", a color called "Love Nails", Sinful Colors #282.

The next is a color called "Under 18", a beautiful red, Sinful Colors #298.

Which I put gold tips on in a color called "This Is It", Sinful Colors #832.  I also used this gold in the sailor design, though it wasn't that visible on top of the Tokyo Pearl.

Lastly, we have a green called "HD Nails", Sinful Colors #926, which I painted on my toenails!

Hope you liked all these colors, and I apologize for the pictures not being consistent - I paint my nails at weird times of the day/night!

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