Sailor Nails

So, I'm being a sailor for Halloween and decided to do my nails for the occasion.  I went to Walgreens where they are currently having a sale on Sinful Colors nailpolish (2/$3).  I bought six colors that I'll make a "haul" post of later.

For this design, I started off with a base using 112 "Tokyo Pearl" by Sinful Colors.  I found that more than one coat takes a while to dry, I think the picture above is with only one coat.

Next, I used 282 "Love Nails" by Sinful Colors as a tip.  To do this I put tape on my fingertips after letting the base coat dry for quite a while.

I finished off with a smaller line of 832 "This Is It" by Sinful Colors.  I also did a few designs, though they aren't that noticeable.

The thumb has a ship's wheel, the middle finger has an anchor, and the index and pinky fingers have some dots underneath the tips.  These were all made with 832 "This Is It" by Sinful Colors.  I got them on with a scoring tool.

I also found this at the Walgreens and it proved to be pretty helpful.

I do have a few questions - what other ways have you found that are very easy ways to get straight tips, besides using tape?  The tape has started to become an issue since I have to wait for the base to dry before putting the tape on and it makes doing nails a much longer process.

Also, what kind of thin brush would be good to use with nail polishes?  Just a regular acrylic brush?  I hope getting one will help when doing the thin lines like the gold here.

Last question - what kinds of tools do you use to actually draw your designs on, if you're freehanding them?

Thanks for reading!  -MJ

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Asami said...

So cute! "Love Nails" is absolutely gorgeous!

I like to use French manicure guideline stickers to get straight tips, but you won't find that any different than tape. Konad has a French manicure image plate so you can stamp on your tip color, but you'd still have to wait for your base to dry before using it and it's kind of hard to center. I know some people freehand their tips but I'm way too persnickety for that. Those are the only methods I can think of... (Personally I just put the sticker on my bare nail and do the tip color first, then I coat the whole nail in something sheer, so I don't have to wait or worry about the sticker peeling off any polish.)

When I freehand designs I prefer to use acrylic craft paint rather than nail polish because it's much easier to work with and comes out more opaque. It's incredibly simple to mix whatever color you want, and it won't ruin a good paintbrush like nail polish will. It's actually much cheaper than using nail polish too. While nail polish begins to get thick while you're decorating, all you need to do to refresh your acrylic craft paint is rinse out your brush in a little cup of water and redip. A bottle is about .99 cents, and you only need a white, black, yellow, blue and red to make any color in the world. I have a link on my blog to the sort of paintbrush I use myself. :)

Asami said...

Oh, also! Sally Hansen makes some "nail art pens" that you might find useful for freehanding designs.

Lucy said...

Love your manicure. Very pretty.

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