Zoya's Green Friday

In case you haven't heard, Zoya is doing a promotion for their online site tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 27) called Green Friday.  Buy $20+ and add a certain code to get six of Zoya's green polishes free.  The following polishes are the free ones:  Tangy, Envy, Midori, Suvi, Irene, and Veruschka.

Green is my favorite color, and I don't have any of the colors they're giving away for free, so I'm very excited about this.  The $20 I'm going to spend will go toward the colors Jinx, Meiko, and Zara.

Here is the link to Zoya's blog about their Green Friday Sale:  http://zoyanailpolish.blogspot.com/2009/11/zoya-nail-polish-creates-green-friday.html

While talking to Asami, she showed me a link to some swatches on Flickr by MollyHell (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mollyhell/sets/72157616007710769/ ), whose Blogger is http://polishmayhem.blogspot.com/.  I really like her swatches, so that's why I mentioned her here.

Enjoy Thanksgiving as well as Black/Green Friday!

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Goodies from Asami!

I got a sweet little note in the mail with lots of fun goodies from Asami!

There are some cute little hearts, flowers, and dots!

Different colored stars!

Blue holograph flakies, like the ones she used on her mermaid design!

Cute nail stickers!

And some cute little sea creature stickers!

Thank you so much for these awesome nail design funsies, Asami!

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Sinful Colors Haul

Here's the "haul" post I promised, though not every color is represented in full here.  These are six colors I got from Walgreens by Sinful Colors.

The first is a purple color called "Fiji", Sinful Colors #119.

Next there's "Tokyo Pearl", Sinful Colors #112.

As we saw in the previous post, I put some blue tips on top of the "Tokyo Pearl", a color called "Love Nails", Sinful Colors #282.

The next is a color called "Under 18", a beautiful red, Sinful Colors #298.

Which I put gold tips on in a color called "This Is It", Sinful Colors #832.  I also used this gold in the sailor design, though it wasn't that visible on top of the Tokyo Pearl.

Lastly, we have a green called "HD Nails", Sinful Colors #926, which I painted on my toenails!

Hope you liked all these colors, and I apologize for the pictures not being consistent - I paint my nails at weird times of the day/night!

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My Followers

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to my first eight followers.  Here are their links:

Thriszha  - your nail designs really really make me want to buy Konad image plates all that much more!  Great sailor design, too!

genuineyes - Thanks for your follow, I enjoy your blog.

Delance Fashion  - Interesting clothing options here, thanks much for following!

Kellie Gonzo - I like all the swatches you do, you choose such beautiful colors!

Skye - I enjoy the swatches you do as well, I'd like to get "Shower Together" and "L8R G8R" for my collection!

Danielle - I like that you've got regular blogs, experiments, and nail designs all in one!

Kay - You've got a bunch of interesting "gurly" options!

and especially

Asami - You know how I love everything about your nail art and art and you.  =)

Thanks again for following, it means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy my posts!

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