Goodies from Asami!

I got a sweet little note in the mail with lots of fun goodies from Asami!

There are some cute little hearts, flowers, and dots!

Different colored stars!

Blue holograph flakies, like the ones she used on her mermaid design!

Cute nail stickers!

And some cute little sea creature stickers!

Thank you so much for these awesome nail design funsies, Asami!

Posted by JustSomeNailsByMJ | at 6:53 PM


Anonymous said...

Aww! How sweet. What lovely gifts. Enjoy using the goodies!

Asami said...

I really like your new layout!

Asami said...

Oh, I'm glad they arrived! I was worried they all might slide right out of the envelope on the way and all you'd get would be some empty envelopes and a couple of fishes. :D

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

@Danielle Thanks for reading! I can't wait to use them in a design.

@Asami Haha, thanks, I'm glad you like the new layout! I was glad they got here, too. You made some awesome little homemade envelopes, though, I thought you had gone to buy those at first!

Lucy said...

Cute little things to put on your nails. Have fun using them.

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