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Just wanted to say a quick thanks to my first eight followers.  Here are their links:

Thriszha  - your nail designs really really make me want to buy Konad image plates all that much more!  Great sailor design, too!

genuineyes - Thanks for your follow, I enjoy your blog.

Delance Fashion  - Interesting clothing options here, thanks much for following!

Kellie Gonzo - I like all the swatches you do, you choose such beautiful colors!

Skye - I enjoy the swatches you do as well, I'd like to get "Shower Together" and "L8R G8R" for my collection!

Danielle - I like that you've got regular blogs, experiments, and nail designs all in one!

Kay - You've got a bunch of interesting "gurly" options!

and especially

Asami - You know how I love everything about your nail art and art and you.  =)

Thanks again for following, it means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy my posts!

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thriszha said...

ur welcome...oh yeah u should buy more konad plates.. hehehehe...i love ur nail design too...

kelliegonzo said...

aw you're a sweetie! thanks pumpkin!

Asami said...

Aw, thank you! This is such a nice post; I feel special now. :D

Delance said...

Thank u sweetie! <3


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