Sinful Colors Haul

Here's the "haul" post I promised, though not every color is represented in full here.  These are six colors I got from Walgreens by Sinful Colors.

The first is a purple color called "Fiji", Sinful Colors #119.

Next there's "Tokyo Pearl", Sinful Colors #112.

As we saw in the previous post, I put some blue tips on top of the "Tokyo Pearl", a color called "Love Nails", Sinful Colors #282.

The next is a color called "Under 18", a beautiful red, Sinful Colors #298.

Which I put gold tips on in a color called "This Is It", Sinful Colors #832.  I also used this gold in the sailor design, though it wasn't that visible on top of the Tokyo Pearl.

Lastly, we have a green called "HD Nails", Sinful Colors #926, which I painted on my toenails!

Hope you liked all these colors, and I apologize for the pictures not being consistent - I paint my nails at weird times of the day/night!

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Asami said...

Ooh, "Fiji" is gorgeous! I love the swatch pictures, great picks!

Lucy said...

Cute mani and pedi! I love Sinful Colors. Nice shades of polish.

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