Jinx and Irene by Zoya

Just playing around with these, and thought they'd go well together.

I decided to try out these Nailene Perfect Tips with Irene by Zoya, first.

They came out alright..

But a little thin.

This is with a topcoat, but I decided to take these off because I really didn't like the thin tip.

Next I started off with Jinx by Zoya as a base.

I re-used the Nailene Perfect Tips.  Notice the ugly papercut on my ring finger =(

This is with the tip guides off.  They turned out bumpy for a few reasons - Jinx came off on a few nails of my right hand, which I had to re-do.  On these, the tip guides left a little sticky residue on my nails, as well as using the Sally Hansen TC, which leaves bubbles.

I'm mostly happy with these though, I think the color combination is pretty.

I also think that sponging some gold or painting some gold leaves on a few select fingers would be nice with this.  Very fall.  Or I could try the toothpick marbling effect.  All would look pretty.  :)

Hope you enjoyed these looks at Jinx and Irene by Zoya.

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Asami said...

Guideline stickers work best on bare nails, and can cause issues when used over polish. Something that helps though, is waiting a day before trying to use guideline stickers on top of color; that way they won't pull off the polish you have on. In general though, I only use them on bare nails. I'll do a colored tip and apply any sheer over. I love those stickers like no other. :)

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