Zoya Green Friday Haul

So I got my Green Friday polishes in!  Because of their huge amount of orders, though, I'm missing Envy and Tangy.  Here's a view of the colors I did get in today:

From left to right: Jinx, Persiphony, Irene, Suvi, Midori, Veruschka, and Zara.

I've never used a matte before, so I decided to try Veruschka first.  It took me about three or four times to get it anywhere near acceptable.  Below is the best I could get, no top coat.  I'm not sure if a topcoat is supposed to be used with a matte, so I didn't for this time.  Is there a special topcoat that you use for mattes?


I can't get the matte smooth...  I don't know what else to do, besides just get more practice applying polish.
  Any suggestions from you polish gurus?

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