OPI Simmer & Shimmer for New Year's Eve

Here's the first of my Christmas haul swatches!  I thought that Simmer & Shimmer from OPI's Burlesque Collection was perfect for New Year's Eve because of the sparkle.  I have never had a polish that is ALL glitter and this one surely is!  It has beautiful bright blue, gold, silver, green, and magenta glitters - I even see a few orange glitters in there!

Inside, with sunlight through the window

Outside in the sunlight

I tried the blurry photo to show the glitter, don't know how well it worked out.

It was interesting to put on considering I've never had a full-on glitter polish.  It took a few coats to get it to the "opacity" I wanted, and I had to keep the brush more loaded than I am used to.  Cool learning experience!

I think this is a beautiful polish and works nicely alone and could be beautiful as a topper.

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Quick Holiday Post

So, I haven't had much to say lately, because I haven't been doing my nails lately, but I sure did do a cute little design that I saw on Ditch the Mittens, particularly the Wrapping Paper mani!  I  have both Ruby Pumps by China Glaze, the m65 plate, and the white Konad polish, all thanks to Asami!  Following are my photos of my try at this mani:

These are all three taken under lamplight, and will enlarge if clicked on.

Now, for what you can look forward to in future posts!  So far, I have gotten the following polishes for Christmas:

China Glaze:
- Temptation Carnation, from the Core Collection
- Love Letters, from the Blush Collection
- Tree Hugger, from the Ecollection
- Sexy in the City, from the Patent Leather II Collection
- Four Leaf Clover, from the Up & Away Collection
- Re-fresh Mint, from the Up & Away Collection
- Grape Pop, from the Up & Away Collection
- For Audrey, from Something Blue Collection

- Jade is the New Black, from the Hong Kong Collection
- Absolutely Alice, from the Alice in Wonderland Collection
- Simmer & Shimmer, from the new Burlesque Collection

(if any of my collection names are incorrect, please let me know!)

I hope you are all having a happy holiday, and will see you once I get time to swatch these beauties!

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New Giveaway

I LOVE Konad, so I'm really excited about this giveaway by painted Lady fingers.  She, along with OC Nail Art, is giving away 8 (eight) Konad plates of the winner's choice!

Photo from giveaway post.

Here is the link to the giveaway, and good luck!  http://paintedladyfingers.blogspot.com/2010/11/ladies-choice-of-eight-plates-giveaway.html

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Autumn Owl

I know it's been quite a while since I have posted, so thanks for sticking with me!  As you might know, I've been taking a ceramics class this semester, which has made it very hard to do my nails, not to mention a complete lack of time and somewhat motivation.  Tonight, however, I was struck with inspiration and knew I wanted to do a somewhat Autumn-themed mani using Zoya's Dea, a beautiful milk chocolate brown.

The design I came up with was just a simple owl face, and I documented to steps for you to follow yourself.  My tools were simple:  Zoya Dea as a base, a black Sharpie, a small paintbrush, and white and yellow acrylic paint.

 First, of course, put down Dea as a base.  I used about three coats.
Next, I added a point in the middle and swooped up to each side, then drew a line across and filled it in with the Sharpie to make up the owl's 'eyebrows'.
Then, using my white acrylic paint and small paintbrush, I dotted on white circles for the eyes.
 Using my yellow acrylic and small paintbrush, I dotted on the beak.
 Here, I did a second coat of both the white and yellow to make them more opaque.  The yellow should have been mixed with white a bit more, not for the color but for its opacity, which isn't much here.
 I then used my Sharpie again to draw in little 'c' shapes for the eyes to leave a glisten in the top rights of the pupils.
Finally, I cleaned up around the edges of my cuticles, and you have your final product!

I thought of doing some little acorns on my thumbs, but I decided to keep it simple like this and not complicate things further.  I am proud of coming up with this design on my own, so I hope you like it!

Thanks, MJ

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Storybook Wedding

This past Halloween weekend, I was a wedding guest.  No, not as my costume, an actual wedding guest.  Haha, what a silly costume that would be... hmm.  Anywho, my cousin got married to her best friend this past weekend and it was the most perfect wedding anyone could ever dream of.  The wedding colors were light blue and white, so I decided to do my nails in those colors.  I considered a repeat of the blue and white flowers I did not long ago, but opted instead for a design I'd never tried before.

So, here is a phone pic of them.  I smudged the Konad white a bit, and used Zoya Yummy as the base again.  IP m65 again.  I thought they turned out nicely and I have been getting compliments on them still.

I attended the rehearsal dinner, where an entire restaurant was rented out and there were three choices of salad (Caesar, wedge, arugula), three choices of entree (filet Mignon, tuna, grouper), and three choices of dessert (banana something [not foster], NY cheesecake, chocolate lava cake).  Toasts were beautiful, guests were very nice, and camaraderie all around.

The next day was the wedding, held in Eden Gardens State Park in Destin, FL.
They got married in front of this big tree on the right.  I stole this photo, here is the link.  The reception followed down the road at a WaterSound clubhouse.  Amazing band, amazing food - shrimp & grits, pork tenderloins, asparagus, salad, cheese & crackers, oysters on the half shell, oyster shooters, shrimp on ice, wedding cake, teacakes in lieu of a groom's cake, ice cream, and marshmallows to roast in a room with a fireplace. AHHH.  I can't even describe how perfect it was.  I'm glad to have been able to experience it.

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Ruby Pumps by China Glaze

In a swap with Nails by Asami I got Ruby Pumps by China Glaze, which is the most beautiful red I have ever seen.  I always thought the swatches I saw of it were really nice, but I could not have anticipated how much I love this polish.  I was feeling a bit lazy and my feet were looking haggard, so I decided to go for a pedicure and brought my Ruby Pumps along.

 I feel that this picture in artificial light accurately shows off the glitter in this jelly polish, but I cannot even begin to describe how mesmerizing it is in the sunlight.
I was also trying to get a photo of the darker tone of red that shows up in the shadows, but that wasn't working out very well.  I hope none of my readers are too grossed out by toes!  I try not to show mine too often but I figured these wouldn't be as gross to show since they had just been pedicured!

Hope you enjoy!

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Halloween Nails

Well, an attempt at Halloween nails, at least.  Only one nail turned out decently, but I tried.  This is also my first time with an all-black set of nails, so it's interesting!  I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in #28 "Black Out" as the base and the same brand in #21 "White On" for the ghosts and Jack Skellington.  Both designs were influenced by Nails by Asami and her Halloween Mix & Match 2010 post.

These pics were taken with no nail cleanup, because I'm lazy, haha.  I used OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus, and for the ghost eyes and Jack Skellington details I used a black Sharpie pen.

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Breast Cancer / Depression Awareness Month

I decided I wanted to do a little tribute to October being both Breast Cancer and Depression awareness month.  It's a pretty sucky job, plus it only lasted one day because I had to throw bowls in ceramics the next day, but here they are anyway!

 Right hand, OPI La Paz-itively Hot
 Right hand, OPI La Paz-itively Hot base and OPI Elephantastic Pink ribbons. Ugly color pic, but not blurry.
 Right hand, La Paz-itively Hot base and OPI Elephantastic Pink ribbons.  Ugly pic, good color.
 Left hand, Zoya Irene base.
Left hand, Zoya Irene base and Zoya Midori ribbons.  The light in this pic shows off the color much better than it shows up in natural light.

Neither of these designs are fantastic.  I used a small paintbrush dipped in the colors to put the ribbons on, and I'm sure they would have looked better if I used acrylic paint.  Anyway, just wanted to do a small tribute, even though it only lasted one evening.

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Zoya Trixie

This is the first time I've tried swatching Zoya's Trixie, and I do like it.  The consistency is kind of odd, meaning that it doesn't cover completely...  It looks as if it covered completely, but when held in the right like one can see spots through.  Pictured is three coats.

Now, it's really beautiful on, but honestly it didn't stay on well.  I'm not sure if that's because of my base and top coat or not, but it chipped much faster than my other Zoyas normally do.  It could also be because of my activity, I just don't know.  I do know that I was pretty proud of this color on my nails, and when in the sunlight or even the shade I just thought of my "bionic nails", haha!

It sure is proving to be hard to keep up with painting my nails considering all this time I no longer have, but I will keep trying to put up swatches and designs for you all.  Thank you for your continued following.

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Gift Haul

A little box of goodies came to me from Asami a couple of days ago and I've decided to feature all of them here!  Below is a photo I took detailing everything, please click to enlarge.

I will list them all here, in case the enlargement isn't working for some reason, or you can't read the text (I edited the photo in Microsoft Paint so I don't expect it to be awesome).

4 Foray highlighters, two in yellow, one in green, one in purple
2 Promax ink pens with black ink
1 set Incoco clear topcoat stickers
1 set Incoco silver glitter French tip stickers
1 Incoco polish remover cloth
1 nail file and cuticle pusher
1 Milani's 'Breezy'
1 Milani's 'Purple Passion'
1 China Glaze's 'Heart of Africa'
1 China Glaze's 'Ruby Pumps'
1 Hello Kitty variety stickers
1 set of 5 black & white stationery
1 Sephora sample eyeliner in 'silver green'
1 Sephora sample eyeshadow in 'aspen summit N°23'
1 glittery nail stickers pack
6 Japanese candies
1 lovely handwritten note on a postcard featuring art by Jordan Crane

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Wedding Nails 9-11-2010

My lovely friend Christy got married this past Saturday, September 11, and was sweet enough to request that I do her nails for the ceremony.  I felt so special to be asked to do this for her!  Below is the design I created, very similar to my last posted design:

Click to enlarge :)

Christy wanted a neutral color, so I went with Zoya Jane and used Konad's white polish and image plate m65 with the roses.  Her fingers are orange because she forgot to exfoliate before her spray tan, oops!  At least Zoya's Jane was able to brighten up her fingernails.

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First Post in a While

Well I certainly haven't updated much - somehow I have more time to do nails during the school semesters than during the summer - weird!  Maybe I just have a more stable place to do them once I'm back at school.  The other day I tried doing a Konadicure and it just wasn't happening!  I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.  Thankfully, like always, Asami saved me again with her Konad stamping tutorial, found here.  So, today I tried it out again and I must say, it came out beautifully!

This Konadicure uses 'Yummy' by Zoya, Konad's special white polish, and Konad image plate m65.

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Zoya Polish Exchange Haul

Got rid of some polishes and moved in some new ones from Zoya!  Here is a photo of all of them together, taken with my cell.

From left to right:  Trixie, Jane, LA Pop, Elodie, Yummy, Charla, Perrie, Adina, and Dea.

My first manicure with these??  Of course I had to go with Elodie, the gorgeous coral!

This is Elodie alone, no top coat...  Maybe two coats, possibly three, I can't remember.

And this is Elodie with LA Pop over it, just one coat, and some top coat.

I am really loving this LA Pop over Elodie.  It's gorgeous in the sun and I can't stop looking at it!  In my own opinion, Elodie makes my skin look nice as well.

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Two designs

Well I sure haven't been here in an extremely long time!  Hopefully you all haven't given up too much hope.  I've only been painting straight color on my nails lately, and even though I'm sure you all wouldn't be worried about seeing a bunch of swatches.  I'll be getting new polishes from the Zoya Exchange, so get excited for some swatches because I'll have new polishes, yay!

First here I've got a base of Wet 'n' Wild dark blue, 415A.  The stripe is Pure Ice, Frosted Ice, Calypso #761.  I really enjoyed this manicure.

I did this design tonight.  The base is 'Respect the World' from Nicole by OPI, the gold on the bottom is 'This Is It' by Sinful Colors, the middle gold stripe is a gold glitter by StripeRite and the #s on the back are 698555 0904.  The designs are little nail design stickers that I received as a gift from my good friend Asami.

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So sorry that I have not been posting - I've been so busy, but I promise I've been taking photos.  Eventually I will be posting, especially since I just recently sent of some polishes for the Zoya Polish Exchange.

Thank you for your continued support in following my blog.  :)

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Playing With Konad

So in the past three weeks I've been playing with my Konad and I've had three different and pretty designs on my fingers!  The first two designs were photographed by my Droid Eris by HTC (Verizon) and the others are taken with my normal camera.  Here they are:

This here is "Fresh Squeezed" from Nicole by OPI topped with Konad white special nail polish using plate m65.

This is "Tangy" by Zoya covered in a design from plate m65 and Konad black special nail polish.

This is "Tokyo Pearl" by Sinful Colors topped with a design from IP m63 and a glimmery purple Konad special nail polish.

These have all been so much fun to do, and I feel like I'm getting better with every application!  I have been getting great compliments on all my designs.  Thank you all for continuing to read my blog.

Special thanks to Asami for providing the Konad image plates and Konad special nail polish as a Christmas gift to me this past Christmas.

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A Nail Design for Zoe

My friend Zoe came over last night and she let me do her nails.  I decided to try a design that I saw on The Daily Nail, specifically this mani.

Polishes used were Persiphony by Zoya, White Out by Sally Hansen, and Konad special white polish.  I used plate m51 for this design as well.

The Sally Hansen White Out got pretty goopey, but I chose not to use tip guides because I had already put the stamps down.  She seemed pleased with her nails :)

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Three Swatches, yay!

First we've got Midori by Zoya.  I was excited to try this color but I was disappointed with the consistency.

You can see best in this photo on the right the mushiness of the consistency.  I was really sad about this and took it off immediately.  Maybe I'll try it again sometime.

The next color I tried was Myrza's Meadow from Shades by Barielle.  This is one of the giveaway items I won from Beauty Judy that I blogged about here.

I liked this color, however I wore it when there was no sun outside, so I never got to see it shining.  I also think this polish got too mushy, but that may be my issue with applying polish.  Taking it off was a bit hard, what with all the glitter, but it wasn't way too bad.  I'm excited to try June Bug, later.

The next polish is one I've had on here before but I'm extremely happy with the application on this one.  No more bubbles!!!  If you want to see the bubble problem I had, refer to my post here.  This time I also played with my Konad stamping kit from Asami.  I used plate m51 with the white Konad special polishes.

These pictures aren't the most spectacular, but I am still really happy with the application.  All I did differently was try for thinner coats and more wait time in between adding coats.  I actually put on top coat before doing the Konad, since a design was a tiny afterthought, but I put a thin coat of topcoat on the stamps afterward and they are fine so far.

Hope you've all enjoyed these swatches and post!

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