Suvi by Zoya

This is one of my polishes that I got from Zoya's Green Friday promotion.  I really enjoy this color and would like to do some comparisons with the matte Veruschka once I pick up a matte topcoat.

Under direct light

Direct and fluorescent light.

Fluorescent light.
The first coat is really sheer but it gets a bit thicker with each coat.  Pictured is three coats.

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Sally Hansen Nail Pen

I got a Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen for Christmas and decided to try it out the other day.  This is the "Green Chrome" color.  Here are some of the results with no clean-up:

Right hand, two coats.

Right hand, two coats.

Left hand, three coats.

Left hand, three coats.
Maybe it takes a few tries to get the color flowing right.  There is a normal brush at the end of the "pen" and you click the top to make polish flow down the brush.  The color does dry quickly, so that's a good thing.  I wouldn't suggest this for long term wear, maybe just if you want to have color on for the evening and no one is going to be looking too hard at your fingers.  As you can see from the third picture down, it's mostly not noticeable that the paint is translucent in some spots.

I wasn't amazed by this product but I will give it another try, possibly letting the polish dry fully before applying my second and third coats so as to avoid "pushing paint around".  That may or may not fix the translucent problem.

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Finger Paints - "What an Exhibition!"

I really really enjoy this color.  It goes on easily and is mostly opaque in two coats.  I actually have matching toes and fingers for once with this color!!

Please disregard my bad skin right now... the skin on my pinky finger is totally peeling off at the fingertip and is slow heeling!

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Quick Valentine's Day Mani

I've been thinking about this design since I got these polishes so I was pretty excited to try it out.  I used Nicole by OPI's Stolen Kisses as well as their Love Your Life.  Love Your Life is a clear base with glitter and pink heart flakes in there.  It got a bit goopy when I was trying to grab on to a heart.  This design would have been easier if I just had a clear glitter polish and used some of the little heart flakies that Asami sent me.  Anywho, here are the photos.




Hope you enjoy!

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