Quick Valentine's Day Mani

I've been thinking about this design since I got these polishes so I was pretty excited to try it out.  I used Nicole by OPI's Stolen Kisses as well as their Love Your Life.  Love Your Life is a clear base with glitter and pink heart flakes in there.  It got a bit goopy when I was trying to grab on to a heart.  This design would have been easier if I just had a clear glitter polish and used some of the little heart flakies that Asami sent me.  Anywho, here are the photos.




Hope you enjoy!

Posted by JustSomeNailsByMJ | at 11:20 PM


Asami said...

That is cute! I've heard that you can use a toothpick to pick up those hearts off the brush if that's easier for you. I think it turned out sweet looking. :)

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

Asami - Thanks! I wanted them to be somewhat "random", so I left them just on the brush. I will probably use the toothpick next time, though :)

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