A Nail Design for Zoe

My friend Zoe came over last night and she let me do her nails.  I decided to try a design that I saw on The Daily Nail, specifically this mani.

Polishes used were Persiphony by Zoya, White Out by Sally Hansen, and Konad special white polish.  I used plate m51 for this design as well.

The Sally Hansen White Out got pretty goopey, but I chose not to use tip guides because I had already put the stamps down.  She seemed pleased with her nails :)

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Three Swatches, yay!

First we've got Midori by Zoya.  I was excited to try this color but I was disappointed with the consistency.

You can see best in this photo on the right the mushiness of the consistency.  I was really sad about this and took it off immediately.  Maybe I'll try it again sometime.

The next color I tried was Myrza's Meadow from Shades by Barielle.  This is one of the giveaway items I won from Beauty Judy that I blogged about here.

I liked this color, however I wore it when there was no sun outside, so I never got to see it shining.  I also think this polish got too mushy, but that may be my issue with applying polish.  Taking it off was a bit hard, what with all the glitter, but it wasn't way too bad.  I'm excited to try June Bug, later.

The next polish is one I've had on here before but I'm extremely happy with the application on this one.  No more bubbles!!!  If you want to see the bubble problem I had, refer to my post here.  This time I also played with my Konad stamping kit from Asami.  I used plate m51 with the white Konad special polishes.

These pictures aren't the most spectacular, but I am still really happy with the application.  All I did differently was try for thinner coats and more wait time in between adding coats.  I actually put on top coat before doing the Konad, since a design was a tiny afterthought, but I put a thin coat of topcoat on the stamps afterward and they are fine so far.

Hope you've all enjoyed these swatches and post!

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A lemming arrives

Just the other day I was looking at Polish Galore's post about Barielle June Bug (here).  I commented on it and started lemming, just for a bit, and remembered that I won a giveaway.  I wondered if the blue in that giveaway was June Bug...

I haven't blogged about it yet, but I won a giveaway from Beauty Judy where I got all of these wonderful prizes.  TADA!!  June Bug is one of them!!  Myrza's Meadow is a gorgeous color, too, but I am so excited that June Bug was a part of this giveaway package!  I can't wait to swatch these colors and show them off to you all!

I hope to do a giveaway sometime, maybe when/if I get to fifty followers.  *wink, wink*

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