Two designs

Well I sure haven't been here in an extremely long time!  Hopefully you all haven't given up too much hope.  I've only been painting straight color on my nails lately, and even though I'm sure you all wouldn't be worried about seeing a bunch of swatches.  I'll be getting new polishes from the Zoya Exchange, so get excited for some swatches because I'll have new polishes, yay!

First here I've got a base of Wet 'n' Wild dark blue, 415A.  The stripe is Pure Ice, Frosted Ice, Calypso #761.  I really enjoyed this manicure.

I did this design tonight.  The base is 'Respect the World' from Nicole by OPI, the gold on the bottom is 'This Is It' by Sinful Colors, the middle gold stripe is a gold glitter by StripeRite and the #s on the back are 698555 0904.  The designs are little nail design stickers that I received as a gift from my good friend Asami.

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Asami said...

I love that green and turquoise combo!

Nikki said...

Nice creative designs! :D

take care

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