Gift Haul

A little box of goodies came to me from Asami a couple of days ago and I've decided to feature all of them here!  Below is a photo I took detailing everything, please click to enlarge.

I will list them all here, in case the enlargement isn't working for some reason, or you can't read the text (I edited the photo in Microsoft Paint so I don't expect it to be awesome).

4 Foray highlighters, two in yellow, one in green, one in purple
2 Promax ink pens with black ink
1 set Incoco clear topcoat stickers
1 set Incoco silver glitter French tip stickers
1 Incoco polish remover cloth
1 nail file and cuticle pusher
1 Milani's 'Breezy'
1 Milani's 'Purple Passion'
1 China Glaze's 'Heart of Africa'
1 China Glaze's 'Ruby Pumps'
1 Hello Kitty variety stickers
1 set of 5 black & white stationery
1 Sephora sample eyeliner in 'silver green'
1 Sephora sample eyeshadow in 'aspen summit N°23'
1 glittery nail stickers pack
6 Japanese candies
1 lovely handwritten note on a postcard featuring art by Jordan Crane

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Asami said...

Whoa, you made everything look better! :-D

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

@Asami - And how in the world did I do that? Haha. You know I just copied your cool haul photos.

Asami said...

Stuff just looks better that way, haha. :-D

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

@Asami I would say I certainly agree.

*~kAy~* said...

how awesome! <3 so many goodies <3

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