Wedding Nails 9-11-2010

My lovely friend Christy got married this past Saturday, September 11, and was sweet enough to request that I do her nails for the ceremony.  I felt so special to be asked to do this for her!  Below is the design I created, very similar to my last posted design:

Click to enlarge :)

Christy wanted a neutral color, so I went with Zoya Jane and used Konad's white polish and image plate m65 with the roses.  Her fingers are orange because she forgot to exfoliate before her spray tan, oops!  At least Zoya's Jane was able to brighten up her fingernails.

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Asami said...

Gorgeous! I'm DEFINITELY going to have to wear this myself, it's just lovely. Fortunately I actually have that stamping plate, Zoya Jane and Konad white stamping polish, hehe. This is a great combo!

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

@Asami - Thanks so much for the compliments! I was happy with the combo as well. I think these roses look beautiful on top of this as well as any other creamy color, like I did with Zoya Yummy.

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