Ruby Pumps by China Glaze

In a swap with Nails by Asami I got Ruby Pumps by China Glaze, which is the most beautiful red I have ever seen.  I always thought the swatches I saw of it were really nice, but I could not have anticipated how much I love this polish.  I was feeling a bit lazy and my feet were looking haggard, so I decided to go for a pedicure and brought my Ruby Pumps along.

 I feel that this picture in artificial light accurately shows off the glitter in this jelly polish, but I cannot even begin to describe how mesmerizing it is in the sunlight.
I was also trying to get a photo of the darker tone of red that shows up in the shadows, but that wasn't working out very well.  I hope none of my readers are too grossed out by toes!  I try not to show mine too often but I figured these wouldn't be as gross to show since they had just been pedicured!

Hope you enjoy!

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Halloween Nails

Well, an attempt at Halloween nails, at least.  Only one nail turned out decently, but I tried.  This is also my first time with an all-black set of nails, so it's interesting!  I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in #28 "Black Out" as the base and the same brand in #21 "White On" for the ghosts and Jack Skellington.  Both designs were influenced by Nails by Asami and her Halloween Mix & Match 2010 post.

These pics were taken with no nail cleanup, because I'm lazy, haha.  I used OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus, and for the ghost eyes and Jack Skellington details I used a black Sharpie pen.

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Breast Cancer / Depression Awareness Month

I decided I wanted to do a little tribute to October being both Breast Cancer and Depression awareness month.  It's a pretty sucky job, plus it only lasted one day because I had to throw bowls in ceramics the next day, but here they are anyway!

 Right hand, OPI La Paz-itively Hot
 Right hand, OPI La Paz-itively Hot base and OPI Elephantastic Pink ribbons. Ugly color pic, but not blurry.
 Right hand, La Paz-itively Hot base and OPI Elephantastic Pink ribbons.  Ugly pic, good color.
 Left hand, Zoya Irene base.
Left hand, Zoya Irene base and Zoya Midori ribbons.  The light in this pic shows off the color much better than it shows up in natural light.

Neither of these designs are fantastic.  I used a small paintbrush dipped in the colors to put the ribbons on, and I'm sure they would have looked better if I used acrylic paint.  Anyway, just wanted to do a small tribute, even though it only lasted one evening.

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Zoya Trixie

This is the first time I've tried swatching Zoya's Trixie, and I do like it.  The consistency is kind of odd, meaning that it doesn't cover completely...  It looks as if it covered completely, but when held in the right like one can see spots through.  Pictured is three coats.

Now, it's really beautiful on, but honestly it didn't stay on well.  I'm not sure if that's because of my base and top coat or not, but it chipped much faster than my other Zoyas normally do.  It could also be because of my activity, I just don't know.  I do know that I was pretty proud of this color on my nails, and when in the sunlight or even the shade I just thought of my "bionic nails", haha!

It sure is proving to be hard to keep up with painting my nails considering all this time I no longer have, but I will keep trying to put up swatches and designs for you all.  Thank you for your continued following.

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