New Giveaway

I LOVE Konad, so I'm really excited about this giveaway by painted Lady fingers.  She, along with OC Nail Art, is giving away 8 (eight) Konad plates of the winner's choice!

Photo from giveaway post.

Here is the link to the giveaway, and good luck!

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Autumn Owl

I know it's been quite a while since I have posted, so thanks for sticking with me!  As you might know, I've been taking a ceramics class this semester, which has made it very hard to do my nails, not to mention a complete lack of time and somewhat motivation.  Tonight, however, I was struck with inspiration and knew I wanted to do a somewhat Autumn-themed mani using Zoya's Dea, a beautiful milk chocolate brown.

The design I came up with was just a simple owl face, and I documented to steps for you to follow yourself.  My tools were simple:  Zoya Dea as a base, a black Sharpie, a small paintbrush, and white and yellow acrylic paint.

 First, of course, put down Dea as a base.  I used about three coats.
Next, I added a point in the middle and swooped up to each side, then drew a line across and filled it in with the Sharpie to make up the owl's 'eyebrows'.
Then, using my white acrylic paint and small paintbrush, I dotted on white circles for the eyes.
 Using my yellow acrylic and small paintbrush, I dotted on the beak.
 Here, I did a second coat of both the white and yellow to make them more opaque.  The yellow should have been mixed with white a bit more, not for the color but for its opacity, which isn't much here.
 I then used my Sharpie again to draw in little 'c' shapes for the eyes to leave a glisten in the top rights of the pupils.
Finally, I cleaned up around the edges of my cuticles, and you have your final product!

I thought of doing some little acorns on my thumbs, but I decided to keep it simple like this and not complicate things further.  I am proud of coming up with this design on my own, so I hope you like it!

Thanks, MJ

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Storybook Wedding

This past Halloween weekend, I was a wedding guest.  No, not as my costume, an actual wedding guest.  Haha, what a silly costume that would be... hmm.  Anywho, my cousin got married to her best friend this past weekend and it was the most perfect wedding anyone could ever dream of.  The wedding colors were light blue and white, so I decided to do my nails in those colors.  I considered a repeat of the blue and white flowers I did not long ago, but opted instead for a design I'd never tried before.

So, here is a phone pic of them.  I smudged the Konad white a bit, and used Zoya Yummy as the base again.  IP m65 again.  I thought they turned out nicely and I have been getting compliments on them still.

I attended the rehearsal dinner, where an entire restaurant was rented out and there were three choices of salad (Caesar, wedge, arugula), three choices of entree (filet Mignon, tuna, grouper), and three choices of dessert (banana something [not foster], NY cheesecake, chocolate lava cake).  Toasts were beautiful, guests were very nice, and camaraderie all around.

The next day was the wedding, held in Eden Gardens State Park in Destin, FL.
They got married in front of this big tree on the right.  I stole this photo, here is the link.  The reception followed down the road at a WaterSound clubhouse.  Amazing band, amazing food - shrimp & grits, pork tenderloins, asparagus, salad, cheese & crackers, oysters on the half shell, oyster shooters, shrimp on ice, wedding cake, teacakes in lieu of a groom's cake, ice cream, and marshmallows to roast in a room with a fireplace. AHHH.  I can't even describe how perfect it was.  I'm glad to have been able to experience it.

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