OPI Simmer & Shimmer for New Year's Eve

Here's the first of my Christmas haul swatches!  I thought that Simmer & Shimmer from OPI's Burlesque Collection was perfect for New Year's Eve because of the sparkle.  I have never had a polish that is ALL glitter and this one surely is!  It has beautiful bright blue, gold, silver, green, and magenta glitters - I even see a few orange glitters in there!

Inside, with sunlight through the window

Outside in the sunlight

I tried the blurry photo to show the glitter, don't know how well it worked out.

It was interesting to put on considering I've never had a full-on glitter polish.  It took a few coats to get it to the "opacity" I wanted, and I had to keep the brush more loaded than I am used to.  Cool learning experience!

I think this is a beautiful polish and works nicely alone and could be beautiful as a topper.

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Quick Holiday Post

So, I haven't had much to say lately, because I haven't been doing my nails lately, but I sure did do a cute little design that I saw on Ditch the Mittens, particularly the Wrapping Paper mani!  I  have both Ruby Pumps by China Glaze, the m65 plate, and the white Konad polish, all thanks to Asami!  Following are my photos of my try at this mani:

These are all three taken under lamplight, and will enlarge if clicked on.

Now, for what you can look forward to in future posts!  So far, I have gotten the following polishes for Christmas:

China Glaze:
- Temptation Carnation, from the Core Collection
- Love Letters, from the Blush Collection
- Tree Hugger, from the Ecollection
- Sexy in the City, from the Patent Leather II Collection
- Four Leaf Clover, from the Up & Away Collection
- Re-fresh Mint, from the Up & Away Collection
- Grape Pop, from the Up & Away Collection
- For Audrey, from Something Blue Collection

- Jade is the New Black, from the Hong Kong Collection
- Absolutely Alice, from the Alice in Wonderland Collection
- Simmer & Shimmer, from the new Burlesque Collection

(if any of my collection names are incorrect, please let me know!)

I hope you are all having a happy holiday, and will see you once I get time to swatch these beauties!

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