Graduation Nails

So, my graduation attire consists of a black cap, black tassel, and black gown...  I NEED SOME COLOR!!

I decided to paint some of the ole green and white on my nails with a nice little Konad design.

I hate that I can never get the Konad exactly right, but I think this will work for graduation :)  Thanks for sticking around, be back again soon!

*Edit:  I forgot to mention that this green is Starboard by China Glaze!!  Good catch :)

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Hello to my followers!  I realize I have been absent for a few months now.  I have been extremely busy trying to finish up my degree - I am receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Drawing and Painting this December.  I will be graduating Magna Cum Laude, so I am very proud of that accomplishment.  I plan on being back to doing swatches and nail polish designs after graduation and moving back home - I imagine I will have a bit more time then.

Thank you for sticking with me and I hope you don't mind a little bit of a longer wait.  Thank you for your continued support.


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New, fun Konad

I finally got a chance to do my nails!  I have been wanting to use this pretty polish, and decided on one of my newer Konad designs to pretty-fy it!

So, I used OPI's Purple-opolis along with a tip design off of Konad plate m45.  The design isn't perfectly straight, and I got a teensy bit of streakage with the top coat, but it's pretty anyway!

Thanks for your continued support, and I hope you enjoyed this post!  :)

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Beetle Nails?

So, this post is inspired by the following Facebook conversation with my friend Kim:

So, I decided to try it!  I put on a base coat, two coats of Zoya Envy, and two coats of Zoya Adina, all topped with a topcoat!

I think the effect turned out pretty well, and though not as deep and various as the Hard Candy Beetle polish, it's a close one if you can't get your hands on it and have polishes like these.  So, I added a bunch of photos, just because I was trying to get as much variety in the color as possible.

Hope you enjoy this post :)

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Dutch Tulips and Black Shatter by OPI

Okay.  I have fallen in love with a red.  This is..  I mean, I have Friar, Friar Pants on Fire, but damn, Dutch Tulips is amazing.  Its name just makes the polish even better, being that I hail from Dutch lineage.  (did I phrase that correctly?)

So, here are a few photos of just Dutch Tulips.  Mind you, this is after wearing it for a few days.  :)

I just can't get over how perfect this red is.  It's also on my toes!  It's the perfect toe red!  Ah!  Haha.  I'm getting too excited over this...

Here is Dutch Tulips covered with Black Shatter, the one I won from Polishology a while back.  This is the first time I've used Black Shatter, and it's pretty cool.  Interesting.

I created this look by making an X with the brush and then going back over on the sides where I missed.  It's not perfect, but hey, it doesn't have to be!  :)  I hope you enjoy!

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Zoya Perrie and LA Pop

I have been taking some trips in this time that I have off from work, so I am recently back from Chicago, Washington, D.C., Austin, and Corpus Christi.  They were fun trips, and my nails were done as shown below for the last three.

This is Zoya's Perrie, three coats, topped with one coat of Zoya's LA Pop.  I love this purple color - in the photo it looks like a candy/pastel purple, but it's actually darker than a pastel would be.  It's very smooth and opaque.  The LA Pop on top of it works very nicely and gives it a nice glitter, without the grit from real glitter.  I really enjoyed this manicure.

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So, I counted my polishes.

I finally got them all out and counted them.  Below is a photo, but the photo doesn't include one, because it wouldn't fit in the color lineup, haha.  It's the double Sally Hansen I got in the most recent giveaway - does that count as one or two polishes?  If one, I have 64 polishes, and if two, I have 65 polishes!  Just thought I would make this little update.  I've been moving between a few places and traveling in the past few weeks and will be traveling again in the coming weeks, but school starts back soon.  Hopefully I can get on track again.

Edit:  I forgot two polishes in this.  So, add two to the above.

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What I've Been Wearing

So, this summer I have an extremely busy job - I am orienting both freshmen and transfer students to the university!  It has been a fabulous experience.  Each freshman session I get to have a small group of at least 20 students, and there are 600 new students at each session.  I have met some really cool people!

But, I haven't forgotten about nails.  Though I haven't been doing any designs lately, I've still been thinking a lot about color.  So, below I'll show you two I've had recently.

The first color is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Sun Kissed, number 150.  I really liked how well this polish went on, how bright the color was, and how opaque it got.  I received this polish in a giveaway!

I'm not sure how well putting a white coat on under would work, just for the slight VNL.  I have always thought about using a white polish underneath others to make them brighter or save from VNL - has that worked for anyone?  I believe this was three coats, or four to be safe.

The next polish I used was Zoya's Trixie, which I have featured on my blog here.

Lastly, a polish I have been waiting to try forever, which I received in the same giveaway as Sun Kissed.  This is OPI's Houston, We Have a Purple from the Texas Collection.  Apparently this is supposed to be one of the new sorbet finishes.  Below I have coat-by-coat photos.

 One coat
 Two coats
 Three coats
 Four coats
 Left hand with top coat
Right hand with topcoat

I am still not sure how I feel about this finish - it seems to be too fragile, or easily peelable.  In fact, just a moment ago, I accidentally rubbed two of my nails together and the polish was pulled and messed up on each.  This could be user error, not letting each coat dry for long enough, but it still makes me concerned.  There is VNL here, and a few bald spots under the light.  But, I will give this a try, since I have been thinking about wearing this color for so long :)  I believe it is very pretty on, and I like the wide brush on it.

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Top 10 Award

Alaina over at Perky Polish nominated me for this award. Go give her a visit and see her pretty swatches and detailed information!

Top 10 Award
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

I am really excited to have received a tag, so thank you Alaina!  Apparently I am supposed to put my top 10 cosmetics on here, but just like Alaina did, I am going to include any skin care products I used, since I don't wear cosmetics that often.  These are in no particular order.

1. Chapstick, no flavor
2. Boscia Recharging Night Moisture
3. Zoya nail polish
4. OPI nail polish
5. China Glaze nail polish
6. No Bump skin treatment
7. Gold Bond ultimate skin lotion
8. True Blue Spa "There's The Rub"
9. Clarisonic
10. Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Blackhead Astringent

None of the above are great and amazing, and were surprisingly easier to think of than I thought they would be, but they were what I could think of that I used most!  Below are some tags - I randomly chose from followers of my blog :)

And if I didn't tag you but you have a blog, then consider yourself tagged!

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China Glaze Starboard

Hello there!  Work has been crazy, twelve hour days trying to get ready for the real thing to come!  Orientations start on Wednesday, and I am excited and nervous!

The staff was scheduled to take photos last Saturday, so I decided to don my "Mean Green" nail polish for the occasion.  I have been searching for this polish for a while, so I was excited to finally find it.  I had thought that OPI's green from the Texas collection was going to be what I was looking for, but unfortunately it wasn't - that one reminded me way too much of Jade is the New Black, which I already have.

Anywho, behold, my photos of Starboard by China Glaze.

These went on nicely in two coats, I believe.  Unfortunately I was only able to take the photos under my fluorescent lighting, so the color looks much lighter than it actually is.  In my opinion, this is an honest to goodness Kelly Green.

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Two Manicures!

First is a nice swatch post of my current manicure.  This manicure is China Glaze's Sea Spray, which I got won in the most recent polish giveaway I won!  I love this color - it is a beautiful, opaque, blue-ish gray that reminds me of a humid, grayish day down at the coast - not the prettiest of days but still better than being in the city.

This polish went on nicely, and the above photo is two coats.  It was mostly opaque in one coat, but I probably would have noticed some thin spots in the sun, so I went with two coats.

The next photo is a manicure I did for someone, and the colors were mostly random choices.  I think it ended up looking pretty neat, and it shines when you look at her nails, so, very pretty!

I didn't clean up around her nails because I didn't bring my q-tips to the place I'm staying at, but they turned out looking pretty cool, right?  This is two coats of China Glaze's Grape Pop and with one coat of OPI's Absolutely Alice on top!  I definitely like the dark under the bright glitter of the blue.

Hope you enjoy!

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Couple photos

Well, I will start off my apologizing for my absence.  It was the end of the semester and then I took some much needed time for rest.  I hardly painted my nails in the time between.  I do have a couple of photos to share, however.

The first is a photo of my nails with three coats of Zoya Elodie, one coat of Zoya LA Pop, with a base coat and a top coat of course.  The catch is that this photo was taken after an entire week of wear - I was very excited that there were no chips!

I have shown this exact manicure before here, but I loved it so much I did it again :)

The next two photos are of what is on my fingernails and toenails right now.  I got my toes done with China Glaze Ahoy and just had to put it on my fingernails as well.  Within a few days there have been chips on this one, so this photo is with chips fixed.  It's super rainy and downcast outside, so the photos are inside.  Unfortunately the true colors of Ahoy just don't show through here.

Ahoy is a beautiful dark pink with burnt orange glitter.  The glitter is glass fleck, I believe that is what it's called, and I just love the way it shines in the pink under the sun.  The application was really nice and it only took two coats, if I remember correctly.  I am noticing now that there is VNL in the photos, but I hardly see it at all under the light or in the sun, so don't be too concerned about it.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to be back to blogging soon, despite an extremely busy summer coming up!  :)

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I Won a Giveaway :)

So, a few months ago, Polishology held a 300 Follower Giveaway, and I won the first prize!  Below are some photos of my winnings!

 All beautifully packaged!

^ with flash, v without flash

From left to right, the polishes are 'Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen, 'Houston We Have a Purple' by OPI, 'Sea Spray' by China Glaze, 'Marlie' by Zoya, 'Ahoy!' by China Glaze, 'Lightening/Brisk Blue' by Sally Hansen, 'Black Shatter' by OPI, and 'Sun Kissed' by Sally Hansen.

What is really exciting is that 'Mint Sorbet' and 'Sun Kissed' weren't even part of the original giveaway, but she included them for fun anyway!

I got a really good question in the comments from Rebecca Likes Nails about how the Insta-Dri double polish bottles work.  I was wondering the same thing when I saw the bottles, and it even took me a second to figure it out!  So, below are some (shitty) photos of how it works.

 So the top of the bottle has instructions for how to get to which color you want to use.
 For yellow, I twist the cap to the right...
 ...and pull up.  To close, you just push down and twist back.
 Now for blue, I twisted it left...
 ... and pulled up.
This is what the brush looks like.  Pretty short.  Haven't use the polish yet, though!

I apologize for the bad photos, I don't know why my camera was acting like that today.

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Mermaid Nails

So, Asami did some mermaid themed nails a couple of years ago, but I can't find them on her website now.  Anywho, I finally decided to give it a try.

I wouldn't call these super successful, but I definitely gave them a try.  To create this design, I used a natural nail base coat, then two coats of Temptation Carnation by China Glaze.  After that was dry, I used Charla by Zoya and made a line across the middle of the nail.  Then I polished up from that line to the top.

In Asami's mermaid post, she explained that the polish was half and half on the nail because mermaids are half human and half fish, which was pretty smart thinking.  Then, I used the little holographic flakies she gave me a while back to create scales on the edges of the nails.

The purple was a later addition, and I thought it could look like purple hair that was down to the mermaid's waist.  I feel like it didn't really work that way, but there it is!  Thanks for reading :)

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Natural Nails

So, I haven't ever posted my natural nails, and have had polish off for a little while, so decided I would post what my natural nails look like!  I hope you enjoy.

Of course my cuticles aren't amazing at all, but there they are!  I'm not sure if anyone was actually interested in what they look like, but yay!  Here you go!

I hope I will have some some swatches or designs soon.  Thanks for reading!

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Handwriting Tag

I was "tagged" by Asami, and I put quotes around that because she didn't tag specific people.  I took her tag because I always forget to buy stamps!  :)

In this tag we were to hand-write our answers to the following:

1) Who tagged you?
2) What is your name and the name of your blog?
3) Write the following sentence, "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."
4) Write your favorite quote.
5) What is your favorite book?
6) What is your favorite television show?
7) What are some band or musicians you especially enjoy?
8) Please tag some bloggers of your choice.

Without further ado, here are my answers:

Unfortunately my camera flash whited everything out, since I wrote with pencil, so I had to take this photo without flash and up the exposure and contrast.  I hope this has been enjoyable!  :)

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China Glaze 'Grape Pop'

I know that I have used this color in a post before, but never alone.  I absolutely love this color - it's so deep and gorgeous!

I apologize for my cuticles in this photo - I don't know what's been going on with them but they were fine for the longest and all of a sudden they went bonkers!

I like the application of Grape Pop - it only took about two coats and they didn't seem to have too many bald spots.  I like how dark it is and how flat the color seems, but bright as well!

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So sorry I haven't been able to post lately!  I haven't been able to paint my nails, even, because I've just been so busy trying to catch up with all my schoolwork.  Since school was canceled for an entire week due to snow a couple of weeks ago, a lot of schoolwork and exams were condensed.  It's starting to catch up to me!  In the meantime, here is my most recent pedicure, which admittedly was a while ago.

Hopefully my feet look good here!  If not, just gloss over, please!  Haha.  This is the lovely Re-Fresh Mint from China Glaze, which I adore.

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