Themed Konad

Now, my theme is is more color based than anything else.  I went to a regional event for the organization that I am a part of, and our colors are purple and gold with an auxiliary white.

Something I almost never fail to do is paint my nails and then take a shower afterward - terrible decision.  It always makes my polish shrink and begin to chip immediately.  I think I did this when I did this design as well.

Later I took some photos of the shrinkage/chipping.

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Just realized I didn't add the polish colors here:  China Glaze Grape Pop as the base, Sinful Colors This Is It for the tip, Konad white polish for the design using IP m57.

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Enamel Girl said...

very cute. i like the purple and gold together.

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

@Enamel Girl - thank you! :)

*~kAy~* said...

haha I do the same! :P
Still looks pretty good though :P

lady_flower123 said...

Lovely nails. I love this pattern.

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I'm following u now ;)
xoxo ;*

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