Natural Nails

So, I haven't ever posted my natural nails, and have had polish off for a little while, so decided I would post what my natural nails look like!  I hope you enjoy.

Of course my cuticles aren't amazing at all, but there they are!  I'm not sure if anyone was actually interested in what they look like, but yay!  Here you go!

I hope I will have some some swatches or designs soon.  Thanks for reading!

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Asami said...

I actually really like seeing people's bare natural nails. I wish more nail bloggers would post it.

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

Asami - I like to see them as well, it's interesting!

Karen - Thank you! =)

JQ said...

Oh your cuticles look great! I fight constantly with mine because my eczema wrecks them and is unforgiving with just about every cream on the planet. Even ones meant for sensitive skin!

Thanks for the pic. Great nails!

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

@JQ - Thank you so much for the nice comment! I'm sorry about your eczema =/ But at least you don't give up on doing awesome nails because of it! :)

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