I Won a Giveaway :)

So, a few months ago, Polishology held a 300 Follower Giveaway, and I won the first prize!  Below are some photos of my winnings!

 All beautifully packaged!

^ with flash, v without flash

From left to right, the polishes are 'Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen, 'Houston We Have a Purple' by OPI, 'Sea Spray' by China Glaze, 'Marlie' by Zoya, 'Ahoy!' by China Glaze, 'Lightening/Brisk Blue' by Sally Hansen, 'Black Shatter' by OPI, and 'Sun Kissed' by Sally Hansen.

What is really exciting is that 'Mint Sorbet' and 'Sun Kissed' weren't even part of the original giveaway, but she included them for fun anyway!

I got a really good question in the comments from Rebecca Likes Nails about how the Insta-Dri double polish bottles work.  I was wondering the same thing when I saw the bottles, and it even took me a second to figure it out!  So, below are some (shitty) photos of how it works.

 So the top of the bottle has instructions for how to get to which color you want to use.
 For yellow, I twist the cap to the right...
 ...and pull up.  To close, you just push down and twist back.
 Now for blue, I twisted it left...
 ... and pulled up.
This is what the brush looks like.  Pretty short.  Haven't use the polish yet, though!

I apologize for the bad photos, I don't know why my camera was acting like that today.

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Mermaid Nails

So, Asami did some mermaid themed nails a couple of years ago, but I can't find them on her website now.  Anywho, I finally decided to give it a try.

I wouldn't call these super successful, but I definitely gave them a try.  To create this design, I used a natural nail base coat, then two coats of Temptation Carnation by China Glaze.  After that was dry, I used Charla by Zoya and made a line across the middle of the nail.  Then I polished up from that line to the top.

In Asami's mermaid post, she explained that the polish was half and half on the nail because mermaids are half human and half fish, which was pretty smart thinking.  Then, I used the little holographic flakies she gave me a while back to create scales on the edges of the nails.

The purple was a later addition, and I thought it could look like purple hair that was down to the mermaid's waist.  I feel like it didn't really work that way, but there it is!  Thanks for reading :)

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