China Glaze Starboard

Hello there!  Work has been crazy, twelve hour days trying to get ready for the real thing to come!  Orientations start on Wednesday, and I am excited and nervous!

The staff was scheduled to take photos last Saturday, so I decided to don my "Mean Green" nail polish for the occasion.  I have been searching for this polish for a while, so I was excited to finally find it.  I had thought that OPI's green from the Texas collection was going to be what I was looking for, but unfortunately it wasn't - that one reminded me way too much of Jade is the New Black, which I already have.

Anywho, behold, my photos of Starboard by China Glaze.

These went on nicely in two coats, I believe.  Unfortunately I was only able to take the photos under my fluorescent lighting, so the color looks much lighter than it actually is.  In my opinion, this is an honest to goodness Kelly Green.

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Alaina said...

I keep debating on getting this because I already have so many greens! I don't think one more would hurt, though.. :) Just to let you know, I tagged you with the Top 10 award on my blog so if you'd like to fill it out I'd love to see your answers!

Paulina said...

i love that green!

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