Dutch Tulips and Black Shatter by OPI

Okay.  I have fallen in love with a red.  This is..  I mean, I have Friar, Friar Pants on Fire, but damn, Dutch Tulips is amazing.  Its name just makes the polish even better, being that I hail from Dutch lineage.  (did I phrase that correctly?)

So, here are a few photos of just Dutch Tulips.  Mind you, this is after wearing it for a few days.  :)

I just can't get over how perfect this red is.  It's also on my toes!  It's the perfect toe red!  Ah!  Haha.  I'm getting too excited over this...

Here is Dutch Tulips covered with Black Shatter, the one I won from Polishology a while back.  This is the first time I've used Black Shatter, and it's pretty cool.  Interesting.

I created this look by making an X with the brush and then going back over on the sides where I missed.  It's not perfect, but hey, it doesn't have to be!  :)  I hope you enjoy!

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Zoya Perrie and LA Pop

I have been taking some trips in this time that I have off from work, so I am recently back from Chicago, Washington, D.C., Austin, and Corpus Christi.  They were fun trips, and my nails were done as shown below for the last three.

This is Zoya's Perrie, three coats, topped with one coat of Zoya's LA Pop.  I love this purple color - in the photo it looks like a candy/pastel purple, but it's actually darker than a pastel would be.  It's very smooth and opaque.  The LA Pop on top of it works very nicely and gives it a nice glitter, without the grit from real glitter.  I really enjoyed this manicure.

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So, I counted my polishes.

I finally got them all out and counted them.  Below is a photo, but the photo doesn't include one, because it wouldn't fit in the color lineup, haha.  It's the double Sally Hansen I got in the most recent giveaway - does that count as one or two polishes?  If one, I have 64 polishes, and if two, I have 65 polishes!  Just thought I would make this little update.  I've been moving between a few places and traveling in the past few weeks and will be traveling again in the coming weeks, but school starts back soon.  Hopefully I can get on track again.

Edit:  I forgot two polishes in this.  So, add two to the above.

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