75th Post!

Hello Everyone!  This is my 75th post, wee!  Today I'll be showing you Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers, another gift from the holidays.

 This is probably about four coats, plus top coat.  I like this polish, except that the larger glitters began to chip off at the edges of my nails.

There's also the huge frustration with actually taking the polish off!!  I liked this polish, but it chipped MUCH faster than lots of my other polishes do.  I don't know if that's just because this one is a glitter, but I've heard better things about Deborah Lippmann than this.

And, since I didn't do the layer by layer photos on this one, I thought I would reveal what is in my tiny Coach bag!  I received a lovely Coach purse as a graduation gift, and decided to spend some of my other holiday money on this lovely little keychain:

Thanks for following!  Up next I've got OPI's Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection :)

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Glitter in the Air by Deborah Lippmann

Today I've got another of my gifts from the holiday, and that is Glitter in the Air by Deborah Lippmann.  I decided to wear it alone, though next time I think I will layer it on top of a light blue.

I thought this color was nice, and pretty to have on.  I didn't have any problem getting the larger glitters onto my nails, as they came out of the bottle and off the brush quite easily (not like another glitter I have where you practically have to grab the pieces off of the brush with tweezers and place them on your nail).

Here are some photos, layer by layer:

 One layer
 Two layers
 Three layers
 Four layers
Four layers

So, as you can tell, this polish is quite sheer, as there is a super visible nail line...  However, it really didn't bother me too much!  I thought it looked just as the name describes it.  I like the blue tint this polish gave my nails.

Something quite interesting did happen with this polish that I've never seen before.  After a couple of days, I could press down on the tip of my pointer finger and there was a very obvious air pocket under the polish that would get larger when I pressed it.  I could push most of the bubble back down, but eventually I got so bothered with it that I just began peeling the polish off.  So, to be honest, I can't say much about the removal process since I actually peeled so much of this color off that by the time I brought out the polish remover, I only had about three halves of nails to remove.  Haha.

Anyway, I hope you like this post.  I've got two more Deborah Lippmann's coming your way (Ruby Red Slippers and Across the Universe), two OPIs (Excuse Moi and Pink Friday) and two China Glazes (Lighthouse and Reggae to Riches) - stay tuned!

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