Saint Patrick's Day Nails

I decided to try out a little Saint Patrick's Day design today!  I was inspired by a Reddit Laquerista, ketofused (see her post here).

Below are the polishes I used:

 From left to right: a glittery gold StripeRite, #150 Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze, Starboard by China Glaze, #21 White On by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, and (oddly blue-looking in this photo?) Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze.
 So, obviously I used Starboard as the base coat and a dotting tool and Sun Kissed, White On, Re-Fresh Mint and the Stripe-Rite for the dots.
 Then I used the smaller side of the dotting tool and Four Leaf Clover to create a clover on my thumb.  I used the Stripe-Rite to make three small dots alongside the stem.
Annndd a less blurry photo of the dots, for posterity.

I hope you like, this is the first design I have been inspired to do in a long while.  Thank you for following!!  :)

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Pink Friday by OPI

I have been looking for the perfect pink ever since I began polishing my nails...  I finally found it in Pink Friday by OPI.  Every other polish I looked at had the right color, but they were all so sheer, which was not what I was looking for.  On to the photos:

1 Coat - you can see here that while the polish is opaque, it goes on a bit streaky.
2 Coats - a little less streaky here.
 3 Coats - that's about right!
Honestly, I can't remember if I went with a fourth coat on this one...  I may have, but I'm not sure!

 I don't know why the photo uploader decided to turn my images..  Anyway, I had such a fun time wearing this on my nails that I got a pedicure with this color as well!

I know I've promised Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe as well as OPI's Excuse Moi, but for the next little bit I've just got to stay away from the glitters!  I almost put a little accent nail of Excuse Moi over this mani, but I decided against it since I've been dreading taking off glitter polish the last few times.  Thanks for following!

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