Simple V-day Manis

These are just a couple of manicures, one of  my own design and the other inspired by a fellow blogger.

For the first mani, please excuse my nail line...  I don't know why the white became transparent for a bit, but it was and I wasn't trying to wait forever for it to return to normal.

 This mani used two China Glaze polishes - I did the entire base with Love Letters, which happens to be a nice French mani topper.  It goes onto my nails fairly clear but it does have a rosy tint to it and looks quite blush-pink in the bottle.
I then used China Glaze's Temptation Carnation to swipe across the nail diagonally, which is most visible in this photo.  This is about three coats of the Temptation Carnation.
Lastly, I used some gems that I received from Asami quite a while back (shown in this post) to finish off the look.  I put silver circular gems in the middle of all of my fingers and used pink/purple hearts on my thumbs.

This next design was undeniably inspired by Deez Nailz, and this is the exact post it came from.

Polishes used in my rendition were OPI La Paz-itively Hot, a silver foil Stripe Rite, and Nicole by OPI Stolen Kisses.
 To achieve this design, I started off with natural nail base coat and three coats of La Paz-itively Hot.
Next I used Stolen Kisses to swipe from each side of the nail up to the middle of the nail in order to create the triangle in the middle of the tips.  I used the Stripe Rite to create the silver line between the two shades, and instead of using a gem or flakey for the triangle tip, I just made dots using the tip of the Stripe Rite.

I hope you've enjoyed these designs, as I have enjoyed looking at all the other lovely holiday designs.  Please don't forget that my giveaway ends this Wednesday, so join if you haven't already for the chance to win Teenage Dream from OPI's Katy Perry collection!

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Painting 'Em Up said...

Cute! :) I must try jewels.

*~kAy~* said...

the pink is super cute! <3

Lily nail said...

cute mani !!
i'm your 112 follower :)

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

Thanks for following, Lily!

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