Ruby Pumps by China Glaze

In a swap with Nails by Asami I got Ruby Pumps by China Glaze, which is the most beautiful red I have ever seen.  I always thought the swatches I saw of it were really nice, but I could not have anticipated how much I love this polish.  I was feeling a bit lazy and my feet were looking haggard, so I decided to go for a pedicure and brought my Ruby Pumps along.

 I feel that this picture in artificial light accurately shows off the glitter in this jelly polish, but I cannot even begin to describe how mesmerizing it is in the sunlight.
I was also trying to get a photo of the darker tone of red that shows up in the shadows, but that wasn't working out very well.  I hope none of my readers are too grossed out by toes!  I try not to show mine too often but I figured these wouldn't be as gross to show since they had just been pedicured!

Hope you enjoy!

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Asami said...

You have such cute toesies! "Ruby Pumps" looks awesome on you! :-)

Lois said...

So pretty! I want Ruby Pumps!

*~kAy~* said...

you have cute looking toes! :P
That color looks so pretty! :P I want one! :P

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